Automating website QA with Quotemine - an open source web crawler

Have you ever faced the daunting task of having to check for broken file links or the presence of sensitive emails and phone numbers on your site? Have you ever needed to change or remove a particular name or URL from your site, but you didn't know which 60 out of 2,000 pages it was on? Or, did you ever just want to mine data from websites and wanted an automated, set-and-forget way to do it?

With Quotemine, all of these tasks can be automated, reducing the time needed to perform tedious checks, and enabling regular monitoring of site health and SEO metrics.

Quotemine was developed in 2015 by Michael Nolan as an open source QA and web scraping tool, and Michael will go through case studies in the usage of Quotemine, along with how Drupal's hook and module system inspired Quotemine's plugin system. Michael will also cover the basic setup process for getting your own instance of Quotemine operational.


Quotemine is maintained by Cerium Software, and the repository can be found at



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