Drupal has forked! So now what?

In September of 2013 Drupal was forked and BackdropCMS was born. For some this was a huge shock. For others, it was laughable. Where is it today? How does the user experience within BackdropCMS differ from Drupal 7 or even Drupal 8?
Let's spend one hour and answer as many questions as possible, including a live, interactive demo of BackdropCMS!

Backdrop CMS is for the small to medium sized business, non-profits, educational institutions, and companies or organizations who are delivering comprehensive websites on a budget. This introductory training will cover the basics of creating and administering a website with Backdrop CMS. We will focus on some of the differences between Drupal and BackdropCMS

Attendees are encouraged to visit https://dashboard.getpantheon.com/register to get a FREE BackdropCMS site courtesy of Pantheon Systems
With this site, you can follow along with the demonstration. 

Training Itinerary

Exploring Pages & Posts
Content types & fields are almost the same in Backdrop CMS as they were in Drupal 7. As soon as you master some slight terminology changes you'll be cooking with gas!

Creating and modifying Layouts:
Backdrop CMS has a new top-level concept (like modules and themes): Layouts. Separating page layout from the look & feel of your site means lots of good things for your site-building experience. Let's play!

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    Beginner / Intro to Drupal
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