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We are looking for proposals on the following topics:

  • Front-End & Design

  • DevOps / SysAdmin 

  • Development and Site Building

  • Beginner / Intro to Drupal

  • Business and Open Source

The camp offers a number of concurrent sessions across a variety of tracks and skill levels. The deadline for proposals is Monday, March 14, 2016

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Accepted Sessions

Session Speaker(s) Experience level Track
Automating Themes with Bootstrap and LESS Kyle Taylor

It's known that theming in Drupal is not the easiest thing in the world. There’s generally a lot of markup to deal with, hooks for every kind of preprocessing, and Javascript behaviors that can...

Automating website QA with Quotemine - an open source web crawler Michael Nolan

Have you ever faced the daunting task of having to check for broken file links or the presence of sensitive emails and phone numbers on your site?

Building Kick SaaS Installation Profiles Nicholas Vahalik

One of the most power features of Drupal is the capability of using it to build and deploy SaaS-like applications. At the heart of this capability is the tried and true install profile.

CiviCRM: Open-source software for managing customers, members, donors and more Kate Shaw

How do you manage communications with your most important people?

Having a good Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system in place can help you keep track of your clients, donors or...

Composing a Drupal 7 Site Allan Chappell

With Drupal 8 now out, PHP's standard practice of using composer is working it's way into a Drupal developer's normal life.

Datalayer: What it is, and why you need it David Porter

Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics (GA) are among the most popular (and inexpensive) tag manager and analytics platforms, but integrating them in a clean and clear way can be tricky.

Debugging Techniques for Drupal (and other web applications) Robert Ristroph

This talk covers a general approach to debugging Drupal problems, as well as specific tools and tricks.

Developing APIs with Postman Robert Ristroph

More and more Drupal projects involve creating and testing a web API. This talk will cover using the tool Postman, a Chrome plugin ( ) , as an IDE for developing APIs,...

Intermediate Development / Site Building
DITA on Drupal: Tech Comm's $1 Billion Market is Looking For An Open Source Solution Mark Hicks

The TechComm sector (“technical communication”, “help manuals”) is going through a transformation from publishing to PDF to publishing to web, mobile and embedded devices.

Beginner Business / Open Source
Drupal 8 Kickstart Peter Sawczynec

Highlighting key Drupal 8 concepts, this fast-paced session shows what a developer should understand to dive into a Drupal 8 site.

Drupal 8 Lightning: The distribution for enterprise authoring Ron Northcutt

Our mission is to enable developers to create great authoring experiences and empower editorial teams. Using...

Beginner Beginner / Intro to Drupal
Drupal as a Learning Platform Mark Hanna

Online learning systems are a major growth market in the web industry.

Drupal has forked! So now what? Doug Vann

In September of 2013 Drupal was forked and BackdropCMS was born. For some this was a huge shock. For others, it was laughable. Where is it today? How does the user experience within BackdropCMS...

Beginner Beginner / Intro to Drupal
Embracing Open Source to Grow and Transform Your Career and Company Michael Meyers The personal and business rationale for contributing to open source projects - why and how you should get engaged in the Drupal Community (and other open source projects). Beginner
Entities 101 : Understanding Data Structures in Drupal Ron Northcutt

In this session, we will be learning about the different data structures in Drupal, how they work, and when to use them...

Intermediate Development / Site Building
Getting Started with Drupal 8 & Pantheon Workflows Doug Vann

Let's build a site together in D8 and use Pantheon to manage our configurations!

Beginner DevOps / SysAdmin
Hosting Options and Performance Improvements Peter Petrik

Learn how to choose from the variety of hosting levels and provider offerings. There are a myriad of options from shared hosting, VPS, managed instances, dedicated servers, and Drupal-specific...

Intermediate DevOps / SysAdmin
Make your local dev environment match your server, and ditch MAMP/WAMP/XAMPP/(?)AMP for good! Michael Bybee

Now titled "Dev/Stage/Prod Parity with Vagrant"

Migration - How to Tame the Data Steven Williams

Migration has become the standard method to upgrade Drupal sites between major versions and external sources. In this session you will learn how to set up a migration and how to overcome common...

Personalizing Drupal for Better User Experiences Brent Bice

Although personalization is not a new concept, marketing savvy organizations are beginning to leverage data and apply new personalization concepts to improve user experiences and increase...

Beginner Business / Open Source
PURLs: Personalized URLs for micro-targeted messaging Peter Petrik

An important marketing strategy to deliver personalized content to potential constituents.

Intermediate Development / Site Building
Sales & Pricing Strategies Ben Stoffel-Rosales

This presentation will cover:

  • The importance of Discovery and how to conduct it.

  • How to help customers define clear business objectives so you can enable...

The Value of Developer Tools and Automation in the Cloud Era Ben Stoffel-Rosales

Taking your team to the next level of automation and continuous integration takes upfront work. Teams can get lost in the weeds while introducing continuous integration processes to a team.

Beginner Business / Open Source
Transform your Drupal Site into a Content Marketing Machine Tom McCracken

Is traffic, engagement, and conversion vital to your website's success? Then you don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind workshop.

Using gulp and ES6 in front end development Andrew Taylor

ECMAScript 6 was ratified in June 2015 but browser support is still catching up.

gulp is a JavaScript task runner that can help automate repetitive...

What the Drop? Newcomers Field Guide to the World of Drupal. Bronius Motekaitis

New to Drupal?  When I first met Drupal, I was in awe, bewildered, overjoyed, frustrated, and optimistic.  In short, like many Drupalists and Drupalistas, I was in love.


What's All the Fuss About Drupal 8 Fito Kahn

“I’ve heard a lot about the Drupal 8 Framework, but I don’t know much about it. Where can I go to get a quick managerial overview so I can understand if Drupal 8 is...

Beginner Beginner / Intro to Drupal



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