Getting Started with Drupal 8 & Pantheon Workflows

Let's build a site together in D8 and use Pantheon to manage our configurations!
We have TWO objectives. {A} Learn how to build sites in Drupal 8, {B} Learn how to leverage Pantheon to achieve safe & efficient workflows.

Bring your LAPTOP & follow along as we fire up a Free D8 Sandbox on Pantheon & start from the beginning.
Together we will build a simple Drupal 8 blog site BUT as we do, I'm going to EXPLAIN Drupal AND how to stage and deploy your site on Pantheon!

Maybe you know nothing about Drupal, but you've heard that it's really really hard.
Maybe you have heard of Configuration Management BUT you don't know how to leverage this valuable new feature.
Maybe you've played around with it and been blindsided by some of the quirkiness of the user interface and complexity.
Maybe you've gotten kind of far, but you feel like you missed out on the foundations of Drupal and wish you had a better grasp of how Drupal works.< No matter what situation you find yourself in, join me as we spend a whole day building a simple, but powerful, blog and article site together as a class.

We'll go step by step and configure:

  • Menus
  • Blocks
  • Nodes
  • Content Types
  • Fields
  • Images
  • Listing pages
  • And more!
  • Configuration Management in Drupal 8
  • Effective Drupal 8 Workflows With Pantheon

Learning Objectives

  • How can I stop pounding my head against the keyboard and actually get stuff done in Drupal!
  • How does Drupal manage content & users?
  • Where in the Drupal admin menus do I get anything done?
  • How do I control image use in Drupal or categorize my content or create useful navigation elements that leverage my information architecture?
  • How can follow best-practices of staging and deploying without becoming a Certified Linix Admin? [Hint: Use Pantheon!]


Come as you are. Bring your LAPTOP, your frustrations, confusions, and misgivings about Drupal. To follow along with me, you'll need a Drupal install. To follow along with the Configuration Management Examples you can get a free sandbox from Pantheon Systems We'll fire up a Pantheon instance at the beginning of class so you can grab one then or now.

NO SLIDES: We're building a functioning site, together, in class! :-)

Questions about this training OR dougvann OR Drupal in general?

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