The Value of Developer Tools and Automation in the Cloud Era

Taking your team to the next level of automation and continuous integration takes upfront work. Teams can get lost in the weeds while introducing continuous integration processes to a team. Before starting down this road it is critical that all stakeholders (developers, project managers and user advocates) understand the value being pursued.


Well define automation bring many benefits including:

  • Increasing the speed at which approved changes are deployed.

  • Reducing the risk of unexpected bugs holding back releases or triggering rollbacks.

  • Allowing new developers contribute faster.

  • Giving project managers greater visibility into progress.

  • Enabling more thorough testing of in-progress features.


This presentation will cover:


  • The fundamental differences between how cloud infrastructure should be used compared to traditional infrastructure.

  • The progression from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery to Continuous Deployment.

  • How to use cloud hooks and scripts to orchestrate among code repositories, integration servers, and accessible runtime environments.

  • How to demonstrate the value of automation to business decision makers.

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    Business / Open Source
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