Drupal as a Learning Platform

Online learning systems are a major growth market in the web industry. Many organizations including corporations, non-profits, trade associations, educational institutions, and small businesses need and use online learning for a variety of reasons.

The existing online learning software market is highly fragmented with different offerings for content creation, content presentation and management, result and interaction storage, reporting, sales, and CRM. Generally each of these features is implemented well by both proprietary and open source software, but each only does its one thing, and the various components and systems are difficult to tie together. Costs for proprietary all-in-one solutions can run into the millions.

Drupal offers a cohesive open source platform alternative for online learning systems that significantly lowers the barrier to entry for small and medium sized organizations by leveraging all of its existing award winning capabilities, put together with new technologies and modules developed recently.

In this session I will detail:
Why learning systems are used.
What makes an online learning system.
Why Drupal has what it takes to be a solid solution.
Skvare’s Learning Management System (LMS) module suite.
Announce our release of a Tin Can API Learning Record Store (LRS) for Drupal.
Demonstrate awesome new learning content creation tools for Drupal.



Saturday Night Party